My name is Paula Siqueira, I am a Brazilian photographer based in London who is passionate about telling stories that matter. 
I started photographing at a very young age but only got serious during my 2-year field work in Bahia for my thesis on cultural anthropology, where I studied about Afro-Brazilian communities. After this life-changing experience, which taught me to listen and fully respect experiences and life styles completely different from my own, I trained myself as a photographer in order to better communicate through images and text what I had just learnt.
My style stands at the intersection between art and documentary mainly because I aim to draw attention to subjects that are not usually at the main centre stage, or to find a different angle to convey the main themes and issues of our era. I found out that an approach that brings together art and reality, emotion and objectivity is very effective to engage the public's attention to the interplay between local and global themes. 
I am frequently drawn to photograph Afro-Brazilian culture, gender related subjects and street life, but I have worked with a much broader subject range. I also have a portrait business where I utilise a documentary approach to photograph children and family.
To get in touch, please feel free to fill this contact form and I'll get back to you very soon.

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